myo-logo I LOVE this website. There are over a thousand high-definition videos accessible to people in countries all over the world. This means anywhere there is WiFi you can be watching a new video that is just right for your needs at that moment. Plus it is really affordable.


Farmhouse Fresh is a line I came across by purchasing the hand cream because it had a bunny on the box. (Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream.) The line is natural and organic, plus it works. I just cannot get enough of this stuff.

Unknown-1Of course Whole Foods Market is on here. What I like about it is that if I am in a new place or a new town I know where to go to get the good stuff.  The recipes are great. I have never been let down by one I have pulled from this site.


Oh man, do I love love “Hi, I’m skinny” chips/sticks. They are made up of Whole Grains, they are Non-GMO, and they are lower in calories. Plus they are all natural.  I also don’t find myself mowing down the entire bag in one sitting. They are so full of taste that one doesn’t need the entire bag for a treat.


I never get to go to Trader Joe’s as often as I like to. It is a fun place to grab snacks and meal ideas. This is the place to go for those hard to find things or things you have not come across before. My friends and I all turn into super food nerds when we get to go here. They are also a great site for recipes.




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